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The student must:

1. Fill out and sign the application form.

2. Provide a valid form of photo identification.

3. Pay the course fee IN FULL and IN ADVANCE or

4. Make an initial deposit/instalment at the discretion of the college and the terms agreed by both parties (eg. £180 to be paid initially and the remaining £180 the following week or month).

After the course fee has been paid by the student and the application form signed, the student is bound by the Terms and Conditions of BSGS College.



Payment of tuition fees can be made by:

1. Cash

2. Card

3. Bank Transfer

In the case of money sent by bank transfer, a period of up to 2 weeks must be allowed to confirm payment. 



The fees paid for the course cover only tuition of the course.  Coursebooks and other materials (e.g. apps) are sold separately.



There is no registration fee.



There is an admin fee of £15 charged for any documents required by the student such as enrolment letters, holiday letters, confirmation of studies, certificates etc.

Certificates can be issued usually after completing at least 3 months of study. 

Requests for letters and certificates must be made at least one day in advance.



The prospective student can have a free trial lesson (2 hours) if they request it, before enrolling and paying for the course. If, however, the student does not require it or does not request it, they are not entitled to it once they have enrolled and paid for the course.



After starting a course, the student may need to change their original study time e.g. from mornings to afternoons or vice-versa. They are allowed to do so but only if:

1) The appropriate level exists at the desired new time. This can be checked at the reception timetable.

2) The new class is not full and there are places available for new students.

3) The student informs the receptionist of such changes each time it happens.

4) The student does not do more hours in a week than paid for.

If the student is found to be attending more classes than paid for (e.g. they have paid for 10 hours a week but attend 12 hours one week) then they lose their privilege to change class times in the future. It should be noted that this flexibility is a privilege offered at the discretion of the college and is not an entitlement or automatic right and so may be cancelled any time by the college if necessary.



The student has paid for tuition and as long as their class is available and running it is their responsibility to attend classes at the requested time that they have paid for. If the student is absent for a lesson or lessons within the course duration paid for, they may recoup the missed day(s) on condition that:

1) The lesson is recouped in the same week that the student could not attend at their usual time (recouping missed classes cannot be carried forward onto the following week).

2) The appropriate level exists at the alternative time. This can be checked at the reception timetable.

3) The alternative class is not full and there are places available for other students.

4) The student informs the receptionist of such changes each time it happens.

5) The student does not do more hours in a week than paid for.

If the student is found to be attending more classes than paid for (eg. they paid for 10 hours a week but attended 12 hours one week) then they lose their ability to recoup missed days in the future. It should be noted that this permission is a privilege offered at the discretion of the college and is not an entitlement or automatic right and so may be cancelled any time by the college if necessary.

If a student does not attend for 5 days or more without informing the college, their name will be taken off the register. If, however, they return within the course duration that has been paid for, they will be reinstated into the register and may continue studying until the end of their paid course. In this case, missed classes will not be able to be recouped as they had not informed the school beforehand.

If a student is late for classes or has to leave early (before the lesson ends) he/she cannot be compensated for in any way as it is their duty to arrive and leave on time and not the fault of the school.

If, however, the teacher is unreasonably and/or regularly late, then the student is entitled to recoup the missed time within the course period or by extending the course period at the end.


The school is closed on Bank Holidays and all public, national holidays (although these days may be recouped later by students).

BSGS is also closed for approximately 2 weeks over the Christmas period.  Again, these days may be recouped by students at the end of their course.



Students who fail to attend for more than 5 consecutive days without notifying the college may be terminated from the course and may lose their right to recoup the days missed. In such cases no refund will be given and the student may be required to re—enrol and pay for the course again.



The continuous running of classes depend on a minimum number of students and tutor availability. BSGS College reserves the right to alter, merge or cancel classes when necessary and at its discretion without liability. The college may also change teachers as required. If a class decreases significantly in size and is no longer economical then it may be merged with another class. The college will do its best to ensure that merged classes will be similar in level and the combined number of students not too large. It is extremely rare that a class has to be closed or cancelled, but if this must happen the student(s) affected may be offered another suitable class at the same or similar level.  If that is not possible, then the student may be entitled to a refund where no suitable alternative course is available. The refund will be for each day that is cancelled, or the student may put their course on hold until a new class is available and then recoup the remaining days.


The student is entitled to a holiday of a maximum of 2 weeks for every 3 months of paid lessons. In this case, they must inform the reception in advance, of the dates and then they may recoup those days at the end of the course.



If the student is sick for more than 1 week, he/she may recoup those days missed up to a maximum of 2 weeks on condition that a doctor's certificate of illness is shown as proof.

Apart from classes missed due to proven sickness or a holiday request, no missed classes may be recouped.



BSGS College implements a strictly NO REFUND policy once payment has been made for a course of the student's own free choice. The student pays for TUITION by a teacher only, although the college will try its best to provide a good learning environment including adequate heating, ventilation, tidiness, chairs and whiteboards.

The only exception to the no-refund policy is in the rare event that the college is at fault. This includes:

1) If a class has to be cancelled (excluding mergers).

2) If the school is closed during normal school days (eg. for emergency repairs or refurbishments).

3) If a teacher is absent.

4) If a teacher fails to teach as required and expected (e.g. he wastes the whole lesson talking about irrelevant issues).

5) If a teacher is guilty of misconduct e.g. physical or verbal abuse.



If a student faces sudden, extreme hardship or some other unpredictable circumstance such as death in the family or an emergency which requires travelling abroad and so prevents them from attending classes, it is up to the discretion of BSGS College whether to make certain allowances on compassionate grounds. In such cases, no refund will be given although the college will help the student either by:

1) Putting the course on hold for a period of up to one whole year from the time the college is informed. This will ensure that the student will not lose the remaining number of days, weeks or months of their course and they may return any time within a year to complete their studies.

2) Allowing the student to transfer their remaining course duration over to a different student. In this case the original student can sell on the remaining weeks/months to another student at their own discretion without the college’s involvement. The new student can study in place of the former student up until the original course date ends.



While on the college premises, all students are required to behave politely and in a respectful manner to both fellow students as well as teachers and other members of staff.

The teachers reserve the right to refuse to teach any student whose behaviour causes annoyance, distress or offence to others, including the teacher. If a student acts inappropriately in a minor way, he/she may be warned or reprimanded by the teacher or manager of the college. If the matter is more serious, then the Manager or Director has the right to expel the offending student immediately and cancel their course without giving any refunds.



If the student feels unhappy about any matter, they may make complaints in person or in writing to the receptionist, Manager or Director. All complaints will be dealt with in confidence.



Neither BSGS College nor its members of staff are liable for any personal injury and/or loss of/damage to property on the college premises, whether by fire, burglary, theft, evacuation or otherwise.



BSGS College is not liable for damages, cancellation of classes or closure of the college due to acts beyond human control (e.g. acts of nature/God) such as earthquakes, floods, lightning, fire, road accidents, explosions, terrorist attacks etc.



BSGS College makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all printed and promotional material including its website, flyers and advertisements. All information is correct at the time of printing/publishing. Our marketing material is meant for promotional purposes only and does not form any contract between the college and any other person.

The college has the right to change any information found here, as well as fees, class times etc. at any time and without prior notice if necessary.

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