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BSGS started in September/October 2006. The college’s mission from the start was and still is student-focused and centred around serving the needs of all its members regardless of race, sex, culture, religion, background and so on. The college attracts students from all over the world.

BSGS offers English courses and classes that are current, popular and in demand such as Callan Method, Cambridge B2 First Exam preparation), Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam preparation and IELTS exam preparation. The classrooms are suitably equipped and there is free internet and Wi-Fi availability. Our teachers bring not only academic and professional credentials but also real-life experience to the classroom.

With a wide range of options, flexibility of studying, and knowledgeable teachers, BSGS will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in life whether for a career or in order to pursue further academic education.

Our main objective is to help students as much as possible in their personal, academic and professional growth. Consequently, we make sure that our courses are affordable and competitively priced without compromising on quality. We provide a friendly and relaxed learning environment in which students, under the guidance of experienced teachers, can learn to achieve their full potential.  We aim to provide and share valuable knowledge and useful skills to students from every part of the world in order to meet the challenges of the modern world. Therefore, we equip students with the best possible preparation for their exams, work and life in general.

In particular our aims and the objectives are:

  • To provide quality education at competitive prices

  • To provide on-going training and support for both students and members of staff

  • To help career development

  • To focus on the individual and collective needs of students and staff

  • To continuously try and improve the quality of the college through innovative educational programmes and courses as well as investing in suitable technology and facilities 

  • To meet the educational needs of the local community and therefore help improve society in general.

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